Fu ling si ni tang

fu ling 12 fu zi 9 zhi gan cao 6 gan jiang 3 ren shen 3

Line 69 After sweating, if purged, and the disease still has not resolved, there is vexing restlessness, for fu ling si ni tang governs.

Fu ling and ren shen have been added to si ni tang which is fu zi, gan jiang, and zhi gan cao.

If fluids have been trapped when there was a purging it causes vexation and restlessness.

It is the fu ling that promotes urination which helps to transform fluids due to a yang deficiency.

Ren shen moistens tai yin fluids that have been lost due to sweating and it prevents excessive drying, while raising original qi.

This formula treats a pattern which is between a si ni tang and a zhen wu tang pattern.

Si ni tang warms the tai yang and shao yin, and earth. There is no water accumulation.

Fu ling si ni tang warms the tai yang and shao yin, and earth, while moving water. There is slight water accumulation.

Zhen wu tang warms the tai yang and shao yin, and earth while warming and dispersing water. There is excess cold water accumulation.

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