Can you use the xiao chai hu tang modifications for ban xia xie xin tang?

Xiao chai hu tang

chai hu 24 huang qin 9 ban xia 12 sheng jiang 9 ren shen 9 da zao 9 zhi gan cao 9

Ban xia xie xin tang

ban xia 24 huang qin 9 huang lian 3 ren shen 9 gan jiang 9 da zao 9 zhi gan cao 9

They share ban xia, huang qin, ren shen, da zao, zhi gan cao.

Xiao chai hu tang uses chai hu, and sheng jiang.

Ban xia xie xin tang uses huang lian and gan jiang.

Lets ignore gan jiang and sheng jiang for a moment because they both treat the yang ming stomach excess dampness and cold.

The difference then is the huang lian and chai hu.

Chai hu is a shao yang herb and huang lian is a yang ming herb.

There really is not much difference between the formulas. They both treat shao yang and yang ming, but xiao chai hu tang treats shao yang more with chai hu, and ban xia xie xin tang treats yang ming more with huang lian.

So, yes it is reasonable to use the modifications in line 96 for ban xia xie xin tang.

Line 96 Modifications of xiao chai hu tang.

If there is vexation in the chest without retching, remove ban xia and ren shen and add gua lou shi.

If there is thirst remove ban xia and add more ren shen and add gua lou gen.

If there is pain in the abdomen remove huang qin and add bai shao.

If there is a hard glomus under the ribs remove da zao and add muli.

If there are palpitations below the heart with inhibited urination remove huang qin and add fu ling.

If there is no thirst and mild generalized heat remove ren shen and add gui zhi, and take the decoction till a slight sweat occurs.

If there is cough remove ren shen, da zao  and sheng jiang and add wu wei zi and gan jiang.

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