Huang Lian Tang

Huang lian tang

huang lian 9 ban xia 12 gui zhi 9 ren shen 6 gan jiang 9 da zao 9 zhi gan cao 9

Line 173 When in cold damage, there is heat in the chest, evil qi in the stomach, pain in the abdomen, and a desire to vomit, huang lian tang governs.

Huang lian tang connects the upper and lower. It restores the fire and water relationship needed for life. Fire must make its descent into water. Fire is bringing water it to life so it can move, moisten and nourish all living things.

This formula is based on ban xia xie xin tang. Huang qin has been removed and gui zhi added.

Gui zhi is being used to clear the tai yang wind strike pattern. The use of huang qin would cool the ministerial fire which is needed to open the yang qi.

It clears heat and cold at the same time. The heat is in the chest and the cold is in the stomach domain.

This is a complicated pattern. There is heat and dampness in the upper burner and cold and dampness in the middle. Heat is yang and like fire it tends to rise. Cold is yin and like water tends to sink. If this yang rising and yin sinking continues the transformation of qi will fail and lead to death. The treatment strategy is to reconnect the fire and water of the upper and lower.

The use of huang lian to cool the heat indicates the presence of dampness. Huang lian is cold, bitter, and intensely drying. Gan jiang is used to warm and dry the earth and stomach domain.

It is not mentioned in Line 173, but there will be vexation and agitation from the heat, and cramping pain in the abdomen due to cold. There should be a soft, or watery stool.

The desire to vomit can be caused from either cold or heat.

Da huang gan cao tang

da huang 12 gan cao 3

For vomiting immediately after eating, da huang gan cao tang is indicated.

Xiao ban xia tang

ban xia 24 sheng jiang 24

Vomiting patients should normally be thirsty, for thirst is a sign that it is about to resolve, but now there adversely is no thirst, because there is poking rheum under the heart, and xiao ban xia tang governs.

The combination of ban xia and gan jiang is used in the formulas ban xia xie xin tang, gan cao xie xin tang, and sheng jiang xie xin tang.

Ban xia gan jiang san

ban xia 9 gan jiang 9

Chapter 17, Line 20 For dry retching, vomiting with counterflow, and drool foaming at the mouth, ban xia gan jiang san, is indicated. Grind the ingredients and drink with sour rice milk. Dry retching, vomiting with counterflow, and drool foaming at the mouth, indicate the accumulation of cold in the middle burner. The pivot of the earth is impaired.

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