Bai he di huang tang

In lily bulb disease, without undergoing vomiting, purging or sweating, the disease manifestation is as in the beginning, bai he di huang tang governs.

Water failing to cool Fire resulting in dryness of nutritive and blood. This is a yin formula in that it nourishes and cools. It clears jue yin deficiency dryness and heat causing mental unrest.

Bai he nourishes lung and heart yin while mildly clearing deficiency heat. Sheng di huang enters heart and kidney channel and nourishes nutritive of blood while clearing heat from the yin layers. Used fresh it is cooling and nourishes yin.

A bai he pattern is one of dryness. The dryness affects the upper source of Water. The nutritive in jue yin fails to cool and nourish the heart. Heat can arise which causes mental unrest. We often see this occurring in a shao yang pattern when the ministerial fire flares and consumes fluids. We also see this occurring in a yin layer pattern. When yang and yin are both weak dryness can occur.

Think of bai he di huang as a module to add to other formulas. You can add it to xiao chai hu tang to treat dryness and heat causing failure to sleep through the night. You can add it to center tonifying formulas like xiao jian zhong tang to create more nourishment of the nutritive and cool deficient heat.

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