Zhu ye shi gao tang

Zhu ye shi gao tang

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After resolution of cold damage, when there is vacuity and marked emaciation, shortage of qi and qi counter flow with a desire to vomit, zhu ye shi gao tang governs.

It treats formless heat in the stomach.

Zhu ye, Lophatheri herba is bitter draining of heat in the lungs, stomach and heart. It is sweet tonifiyng and nourishing of the lungs, stomach, and heart. It clears yang ming dry heat without damaging the depleted fluids.

Dispels heat, protects the heart shen from being influenced by high fever and eliminates the heat that has already reached the interior by flushing it out through the urine.

Shi gao, Gypsum is pungent dispersing of heat in the stomach domain and lung. It is sweet nourishing of the stomach, spleen, and lung. It is pungent cold dispersing of the yang channels: tai yang, yang ming, shao yang. It saves yin and blood by clearing heat.

Shi gao cool sweet and pungent clears heat in the stomach.

Mai men dong, Ophiopogonis radix is sweet tonifying and nourishing of the spleen and lung. Mai men dong is sweet, slightly bitter and cold and tonifies upper burner yin while eliminating mental unrest and vexation.

Mai men dong clears deficiency heat and moistens the stomach and lung yin. Also supports heart yin and so treats mental unrest or palpitations.

Ban xia, Pinelliae rhizoma is pungent dispersing of the liver blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao. It is pungent dispersing of the cold and dampness in the stomach domain, spleen and lung. It transforms tai yin damp phlegm generated from excessive and stagnant cold dampness and counteracts nausea and adverse flow.

Ban xia warms the stomach and promotes the transportation of the main yin and blood tonics in the formula. It also promotes fluid movement and so promotes blood movement. It guides excessive fluids into the bladder from where it can be re-infused into the body to nourish the nutritive.

Geng mi, nonglutinous rice tonifies the middle qi and protects the stomach from the cold effects of other herbs like shi gao.

It also generates fluids and so is used in patterns of dryness.

Ren shen, Ginseng radix is sweet tonifying and nourishing of the spleen, lungs, heart, and kidney. It nourishes yin fluids and therefore is the foremost qi and yin tonic.

The yin fluids from ren shen moderate excessive movement by anchoring yang with yin. It raises the original qi and gathering qi. It strengthens righteous qi and righteous qi is also called true qi and is a combination of original qi and gathering qi. All are dependent on the qi of shao yin and tai yin. Which in turn are dependent on the jue yin and shao yang for the ministerial fire in all three burners.

Ren shen and zhi gan cao tonify the middle qi and nourish fluids. Ren shen and zhi gan cao nourish the shao yin heart.

Zhi gan cao, Glycyrrhizae radix prep is sweet tonifying and nourishing of all organs but especially the heart.

Zhi gan cao is sweet and mildly warm tonifying and nourishing of yin fluids. It nourishes yin fluids in the tai yin and shao yin. It calms wind in the jue yin.