Zhu ling tang

Zhu ling tang

zhu ling 9 fu ling 9 ze xie 9 ejiao 9 hua shi 9

If the pulse is floating and there is heat effusion, thirst with a desire to drink water, and inhibited urination then zhu ling tang governs.

When in shao yin there is diarrhea for six days or seven days, cough retching, thirst, heart vexation, and inability to sleep, zhu ling tang governs.

The core trio for water transformation of zhu ling, fu ling, and ze xie from wu ling san plus ejiao and hua shi.

Zhu ling, Polyporus sclerotium is sweet tonifying, moving and cooling of excess warm fluids in the stomach domain, spleen, kidneys and bladder.

Fu ling, Poria is sweet and neutral. It drains fluids but is not bitter. Fu ling is tonifying the stomach domain, spleen, kidney and bladder to move excess fluids. It moves more than it tonifies.

Ze xie, Alismatis rhizome is sweet nourishing and tonifying of the small intestine’s water separation functions.

Hua shi, Talcum is sweet and cold. It clears heat from fluids. It treats hot and dark turbid urination. Hua shi sinks into the lower burner and opens the downward passage of fluids. It heavily pressures the pathogenic fluids downward to be expelled through urination. It makes the water pathways slippery to promote the elimination of the turbid and sticky dampness from the bladder.

Ejiao, Asini corii colla is sweet tonifying and nourishing of the stomach and spleen. It directly nourishes the liver, kidney and heart blood. It is salty softening of yin and blood. 

It strongly replenishes the water element through its animal nature and kidney and heart affinity. Ejiao also controls bleeding during movement of blood.