Zhu ling san

Zhu ling san

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For vomiting when the disease is above the diaphragm, it will resolve if afterwards one thinks of water intake, so swiftly give some. For who thinks of water, zhu ling san governs.

Bai zhu and fu ling restore the earth element’s control over water. They dry stagnant fluids while it restores the middle burner as a motor of water metabolism. Zhu ling together with bai zhu and fu ling form the core trio for the promotion of urination and the recovery of bladder water metabolism.

The dike is strengthened and the river is controlled within its pathways.

Zhu ling, Polyporus sclerotium is sweet tonifying, moving and cooling of excess warm fluids in the stomach domain, spleen, kidneys and bladder.

Fu ling, Poria is sweet and neutral. It drains fluids but is not bitter. Fu ling is tonifying the stomach domain, spleen, kidney and bladder to move excess fluids. It moves more than it tonifies.

Fu ling drains fluids through the tai yang bladder and restores the water metabolism. Dampness is a form of yin and we move the yin with the fu ling to restore the transformation and transport aspect of tai yin. Tai yin is also the post heaven source of clear qi and yin and blood.

Bai zhu, Atractylodis macrocephalae rhizome is sweet tonifying of the stomach domain and spleen. Bai zhu is bitter draining of excess fluids in the stomach domain, spleen, lungs and bladder.

It tonifies the spleen qi along with the promotion of the spleen’s transforming and transporting actions.