Zhi zhu tang

Zhi zhu tang

zhi shi 6 bai zhu 6

In hardness under the heart the size of a dish, with edges like a round plate, it is produced by water rheum, and zhi zhu tang governs.

This pair can be used in tai yin damp accumulation patterns with shao yang congestion causing heat and qi stagnation of the middle burner.

It is bitter draining of the stomach.

Zhi shi, Aurantii fructus immaturus Zhi shi is bitter draining and descending of the stomach domain. It is bitter draining of the liver, gall bladder and san jiao.

Zhi shi moves the gall bladder qi downward and promotes yang ming descent. Zhi shi moves the shao yang gall bladder downward to descend yang ming stomach and large intestine qi and restores the descent of qi to eliminate stagnation and create space for the rising of clear yang of jue yin liver and tai yin spleen.

Bai zhu, Atractylodis macrocephalae rhizome is sweet tonifying of the stomach domain and spleen. Bai zhu is bitter draining of excess fluids in the stomach domain, spleen, lungs and bladder.

It tonifies the spleen qi along with the promotion of the spleen’s transforming and transporting actions.