Zhi shi zhi zi chi tang

Zhi shi zhi zi chi tang

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When after a major illness is cured, there is taxation relapse, zhi shi zhi zi chi tang governs.

In taxation relapse heat can generate due to deficiency and this formula clears that heat.

Dan dou chi, Sojae semen praeparatum is pungent dispersing of cold and dampness in the stomach domain, spleen, and lungs. It is pungent dispersing of cold on the surface. It is sweet tonifying of the stomach and spleen.

Dan dou chi releases the exterior, eliminates irritability, harmonizes the middle jiao and relieves stuffy sensations in the chest.

Together with zhi zi pi they form zhi zi chi tang for alleviation of yang ming heat collapse into the lung and chest after wind invasion on the surface.

Zhi shi, Aurantii fructus immaturus is bitter draining and descending of the stomach domain. It is bitter draining of the liver, gall bladder and san jiao.

Zhi zi, Gardeniae fructus is bitter draining of heat in the heart, liver blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao. It is bitter draining of damp and heat in all three burners but mostly heat. It is bitter draining of excess warm fluids.

Zhi zi is bitter and cold and clears excess ministerial fire while it clears congested heat of the chest. Zhi zi has an affinity with the chest.

We can add dan dou chi and zhi zi to zhi shi formulas if there is heart vexation due to heat and shao yang ministerial fire flaring.

We can add to external tai yang and shao yang patterns causing heat vexation in the upper burner.

We can add this trio to gan cao xie xin tang if there is vexation due to heat in the upper burner.