Ze xie tang

Ze xie tang

ze xie 15 bai zhu 6

When there is poking rheum under the heart, and the person suffers from oppression and dizziness, ze xie tang governs.

This formula restores control over Water. It restores the transformation and separation of fluids in the Earth and Metal elements which ensures proper qi transformation of the bladder and kidney.

Bai zhu, Atractylodis macrocephalae rhizome is sweet tonifying of the stomach domain and spleen. Bai zhu is bitter draining of excess fluids in the stomach domain, spleen, lungs and bladder.

It tonifies the spleen qi along with the promotion of the spleen’s transforming and transporting actions.

Bai zhu dries the middle burner and strengthens the spleen. It metabolizes fluids and so creates room for healthy new fluids.

Ze xie, Alismatis rhizome is sweet nourishing and tonifying of the small intestine’s water separation functions.

Ze xie promotes urination and leads stagnant fluids into the tai yang bladder system. It restores the normal qi transformation on the kidneys by disinhibiting urination and clearing the waterways.

We see this pair in wu ling san. If a person is thin and has pulsations below the umbilicus, with spitting of foamy saliva and vertigo, then this is water and wu ling san governs.