Yue bi tang

Yue bi tang

ma huang 18 shi gao 24 sheng jiang 9 da zao 9 zhi gan cao 6

In wind water with aversion to wind, the whole body is swollen, the pulse is floating and there is no thirst, and one continues to have spontaneous sweating, without great fever, yue bi tang governs.

This formula treats the accumulation of fluids trapped on the surface that causes visible swelling.

Ma huang and shi gao are both pungent dispersing of the yang channels. They disperses the surface of excess fluids and ma huang restores control of the fluids through the tai yin lung dispersing and descending function.

Ma huang, Ephedrae herba is bitter descending of the lung. It is pungent dispersing of the imperial and ministerial fire. It enters the lung and bladder channel, it opens the surface, and dispels the cold on the surface. Further it dissipates lung qi and pacifies panting through opening the closed lung qi.

Ma huang opens the pores of the surface that were congealed by external cold to release the heat and promote the excretion of stagnant fluids by promoting the dispersion of tai yang and tai yin.

Shi gao, Gypsum is pungent dispersing of heat in the stomach domain and lung. It is sweet nourishing of the stomach, spleen, and lung. It is pungent cold dispersing of the yang channels: tai yang, yang ming, shao yang. It saves yin and blood by clearing heat.

Shi gao clears the heat out of tai yang, yang ming and shao yang channels by dispersing and cooling.

Sheng jiang, da zao and zhi gan cao supports tai yin and send clear qi fluids upward to the surface to replace the lost fluids due to sweating.

Sheng jiang, Zingiberis rhizoma recens is pungent dispersing of the liver and pericardium blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao. Sheng jiang is pungent dispersing of dampness and cold in the stomach domain, spleen and lung. Sheng jiang is pungent connecting of the tai yin with the tai yang. It supports raising of the clear qi to the chest and the 100 vessels.

Da zao, Jujubae fructus is sweet tonifying and moderating. It tonifies and nourishes the stomach domain, spleen, lungs, and heart. It directly nourishes the shao yin heart.

Zhi gan cao, Glycyrrhizae radix prep is sweet tonifying and nourishing of all organs but especially the heart.

Zhi gan cao is sweet and mildly warm tonifying and nourishing of yin fluids. It nourishes yin fluids in the tai yin and shao yin. It calms wind in the jue yin.