Yue bi jia zhu tang

Yue bi jia zhu tang

ma huang 18 shi gao 24 sheng jiang 9 da zao 9 zhi gan cao 6 bai zhu 12

For internal water, with full body, eyes and face edema, the pulse is deep, urination must be inhibited, and therefore one is diseased by water, if urination is uninhibited, then this causes the demise of thin and dense fluids, and so it makes one thirsty, yue bi jia zhu tang governs.

Yue bi jia zhu tang treats extreme heat of the flesh, with the demise of the thin fluids of the body, opening of the surface layers, major draining of sweat, and wind on digits and articulations, with weakness of the feet and the lower burner.

For internal water, yue bi jia zhu governs. Gan cao ma huang tang also governs.

A variation of yue bi tang with bai zhu.

Bai zhu, Atractylodis macrocephalae rhizome is sweet tonifying of the stomach domain and spleen. Bai zhu is bitter draining of excess fluids in the stomach domain, spleen, lungs and bladder.

It tonifies the spleen qi along with the promotion of the spleen’s transforming and transporting actions.

It tonifies tai yin qi of spleen and lung and strengthens the spleen by drying and draining dampness to allow normal function to return. It strengthens the Earth element to control the Water element.

See yue bi tang for a full description.