Yi yi fu zi bai jiang san

Yi yi fu zi bai jiang san

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In the disease of intestinal abscess, the body has scaly skin, urgency of the abdominal skin, which is soft when pressed, as if in swelling, the abdomen has no accumulations or amassments, the body has no fever, and there is a rapid pulse, for this is abscess and pus in the abdomen and yi yi fu zi bai jiang san governs.

It treats heat and sores with pus in the yang ming intestine. The yang qi is deficient and there is cold that causes sores to develop due to a lack of nutritive and circulation of warm blood.

It treats flare ups from crone, ulcers colitis, sores in intestines, and cold diarrhea with bleeding.

Yi yi ren, Coicis semen is sweet tonifying, moving and cooling of excess warm fluids in the stomach domain, spleen, kidneys, and bladder.

Transforms hot dampness and phlegm while disinhibiting urination and dispelling pus.

Bai jiang cao, Patriniae herba is cool, bitter and pungent. It clears damp and heat. It also moves the blood and so reduces pain and swelling.

Bai jiang cao is cold, pungent, and bitter blood breaking and moving. It also cools heat as in ulcers and inflammations.

Bai jiang cao supports yi yi ren in clearing abscess and pus.

The key here is that yi yi ren and bai jiang cao can be used for internal and external sores. By combining it with fu zi we are also warming and dispersing fluids.

Fu zi, Aconiti radix lateralis praeparata is pungent dispersing of liver blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao. It is pungent dispersing of the heart and kidneys. It is pungent dispersing of the tai yang channels. It is pungent dispersing of excess water.

It warms the original qi of the kidneys and the gathering qi of the lungs and heart. Fu zi infuses the body with fire and promotes water metabolism through the descent of fire into the water reservoirs of the body to draw qi from the body.

Fu zi warms the imperial and ministerial fire to support function in all three burners.