Xiao xian xiong tang

Xiao xian xiong tang

gua lou shi 18 huang lian 3 ban xia 12

In lesser chest bind disease, it is directly under the heart, and painful when touched, with a floating and slippery pulse, xiao xian xiong tang governs.

It treats phlegm heat in the chest and heart or epigastrium leading to bronchitis, constipation, distension, pain or pressure in the chest, numbness or bitter taste.

It opens the chest and descends Metal. It is a cold bitter formula for damp heat accumulations.

Gua lou shi, Trichosanthis fructus is bitter draining of phelgm. It dispels phlegm and cools heat while it opens the chest and disperses accumulation. It clears heat and transforms phlegm by flushing it out via the large intestine.

Gua lou shi is cool sweet bitter draining of heat, and damp heat.

Ban xia, Pinelliae rhizoma is pungent dispersing of the liver blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao. It is pungent dispersing of the cold and dampness in the stomach domain, spleen and lung. It transforms tai yin damp phlegm generated from excessive and stagnant cold dampness and counteracts nausea and adverse flow.

Ban xia warm pungent transformation of damp and also corrects counter flow of the stomach.

Huang lian, Coptidis rhizome is bitter draining of heat in the ministerial and imperial fire. It is bitter draining of heat in the heart and san jiao. It is bitter draining of heat and dampness in the stomach domain.

Huang lian cool bitter draining of damp and damp heat.