Xiao qing long jia shi gao tang

Xiao qing long jia shi gao tang

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For lung distension, with cough and ascent of qi, there is vexation and agitation with panting, a floating pulse, and water under the heart, xiao qing long jia shi gao tang governs.

A version of xiao qing long tang with added shi gao to clear heat of the channels and organs. Shi gao clears the hot air in the lungs and stops the coughing and panting, it also treats phlegm with heat.

Shi gao, Gypsum is pungent dispersing of heat in the stomach domain and lung. It is sweet nourishing of the stomach, spleen, and lung. It is pungent cold dispersing of the yang channels: tai yang, yang ming, shao yang. It saves yin and blood by clearing heat.

Shi gao clears yang ming channel and organ heat which in Fire school terms is the qi layer. In zang fu terms is lung and stomach.

Shi gao is cool, sweet and pungent and clears heat from the channel of yang ming without drying. Which is why shi gao is used in a bai hu tang pattern which prevents it going into the bowel and causing dryness.

Shi gao is often paired with ma huang to disperses heat and cold on the surface with their pungent taste. The temperatures balance each other which prevents excessive damage.

For a full description see xiao qing long tang.