Xia yu xue tang

Xia yu xue tang

jiu da huang 6 tao ren 3 di bie chong 9

When a postpartum woman has abdominal pain, the rules calls for the use of zhi shi shao yao san, but if this does not bring about curation, then there must be dried blood stuck below the umbilicus, and xia yu xue tang is indicated, which also governs unsmooth menstruation.

It treats a jue yin layer problem of dried out blood in the uterus. It purges blood stasis and breaks up old dried blood to make room for new.

Jiu Da Huang, Rhei rhizoma praep wine washed mixed fried and it moves the blood stasis and purges heat. It disinhibits the bowels and cleans the hollow organs of the lower burner.

Tao ren, Persicae semen is bitter draining and descending of the stomach domain. It is pungent moving and breaking of liver blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao.

Moves the blood, descends yang ming and flushes out static local heat. Bitter and pungent and disperses stagnation while expelling blood downward.

Tao ren is heavy and bitter and sinks to break stasis and move blood in the lower jiao.

Di bie chong, Eupolyphaga is salty softening of hard dried blood which allows blood to return.

It breaks up dried blood with its salty taste. It is the core insect to clear intense old blood stasis of the liver channel. Together with da huang it moves blood, transforms stasis and breaks accumulation.