Tiao wei cheng qi tang

Tiao wei cheng qi tang

da huang 12 mang xiao 12 zhi gan cao 6

When tai yang disease has lasted for three days, and sweating has been promoted but there is no resolution of the disease and there is steaming heat effusion, this belongs to stomach, and tiao wei cheng qi tang governs.

After sweating is promoted, if there is aversion to cold, this is because of vacuity. If aversion to cold is absent, and only heat effusion is present, this indicates repletion. One should harmonize the stomach qi with tiao wei cheng qi tang.

Tai yang shifts to yang ming and causes excess pattern. Yang ming dryness with mild heat induced bowel congestion, with signs of slight abdominal distension or pain upon pressing, tidal heat, possible vomiting. It is the mildest purgative of the cheng qi family.

Da huang, Rhei rhizoma is bitter draining of excess heat and dry stool in the stomach domain.

Cold bitter it clears yang ming congestion by disinhibiting bowel movement and clears the bowels of congested excessive heat.

Mang xiao, Natrii sulfas is salty softening of hardness in the stomach domain. Mang xiao is bitter draining of stool and heat in the stomach domain.

Salty and cold it clears heat and purges excess from yang ming while moistening dryness and softening hardness.

Zhi gan cao, Glycyrrhizae radix prep is sweet tonifying and nourishing of all organs but especially the heart.

Zhi gan cao is sweet and mildly warm tonifying and nourishing of yin fluids. It nourishes yin fluids in the tai yin and shao yin. It calms wind in the jue yin.

It balances the bitter draining with its sweet moderation and nourishing.