Tai yang and surface patterns

Tai yang is more than external patterns

Paul Freedman shares his passion and understanding of Chinese Herbal Medicine in this workshop.

Understanding Chinese herbal formulas is too also understand pathology and physiology since every herbal formula represents a unique pattern. What makes Chinese Medicine so effective is the unique system of pattern differentiation.

This uniqueness is based on the work of Zhang Ji who wrote the Shang Han Za Bing Lun and all herbs and formulas are subject the laws of yin and yang, the five elements and the climatic qi.

In this course material we take a look at all the herbs and formulas that affect the tai yang aspect of the body.

You will learn what is the tai yang. Where did this idea come from? You will learn the relationship to the yin and yang theory, the five element theory, and the climatic qi theory.

You will learn the natural tendencies of the tai yang patterns and how this relates the other levels of yang ming, shao yang, tai yin, shao yin, and jue yin.

You will learn the signs and symptoms of the tai yang channel patterns.

You will learn the herbs that treat the tai yang and how they relate to other herbs in the same formula. You will learn the most common herb pairs and how they work together in formulas.

Surface patterns of the body are very common and can be complicated due to the interconnection with the organ systems.

You will learn the channel patterns seen in acute cases such as influenza.

You will learn why the lung is always involved in these surface patterns. We take a look at all the herbs that can treat the surface and lungs. You will learn how these herbs function in each formula. You will learn the most common combinations of herbs.

You will learn the internal patterns that involve the surface. Internal organ patterns greatly influence the surface of the body which causes obstruction pain of the joints and muscles.

You will receive course material containing 117 herbal formulas, each formula fully explained.

You will receive information containing 38 herbs that greatly influence the surface.

Course date Cost 125 Euro Start 9:30 ends 16:30

  • Course date
  • Cost 125 Euro
  • Start time 9:30 end time 16:30
  • Location, Pompmolenlaan 26 3446GK Woerden

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