Si ni san plus xie bai

Si ni san plus xie bai

chai hu 12 bai shao 12 zhi shi 12 zhi gan cao 12 xie bai 72

When in shao yin disease there is counter flow cold of the limbs, the person may cough, or have palpitations, or inhibited urination, or pain in the abdomen, or diarrhea with rectal heaviness, si ni san governs. In case of downpour diarrhea with downward heaviness add xie bai 72.

This formula is an obvious modification of si ni san.

Xie bai, Allii macrostemi bulbus is pungent dispersing of cold and dampness in the stomach domain and spleen. It is pungent dispersing of the liver blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao. It is bitter draining of dampness in the stomach domain and spleen.

Xie bai warms yang, moves qi, and controls pain. The fragrant xie bai penetrates the stagnant yin turbidity to promote movement.  

Chai hu, bai shao and zhi shi are cool herbs and xie bai is warm. Adding xie bai changes the temperature to warm the yang ming stomach domain to promote descent.