Si ni jia ren shen tang

Si ni jia ren shen tang

sheng fu zi 30 gan jiang 3 zhi gan cao 6 ren shen 3

When there is aversion to cold and a pulse that is faint, then diarrhea, when the diarrhea stops it is the death of blood, si ni jia ren shen tang governs.

This line suggests that when there are no more fluids left then blood dies. Since fresh water must be transformed into blood by the kidneys this makes sense.

Fresh fu zi is not possible in granulate form and also contains PA’s so use processed fu zi.

This is si ni tang with added ren shen. The added ren shen replaces loss of fluids. In extreme loss of fluids think about raising the dose of the ren shen.

Si ni tang is the representative formula for severe yang collapse. It tonifies the imperial fire of the south.

See si ni tang for a full description.