Sheng ma bie jia tang

Sheng ma bie jia tang

sheng ma 6 bie jia 9 dang gui 3 zhi gan cao 6 shu jiao 3 xiong huang 1.5

In the disease of yang toxins, the face is red with patches like brocade, throat ache and the spitting of pus and blood. It can be treated within five days, and after seven days do not treat, sheng ma bie jia tang governs.

This treats a blood level pattern where heat causes stirring of the blood which leaves the vessels and this causes red patches on the skin.

Yang toxin is characterized by red macules on the face, sore throat, and spitting of purulent blood. Epidemie evil toxin invades the blood aspect leading to exuberant internal heat which congests in the upper, thus causing the appearance of red macules.

Internal toxins also lead to exuberant heat binding in the throat with scorching and damage of the vessels, causing soreness of the throat. This also leads to rotting of the flesh and pus formation which results in spitting of purulent blood.

The formula sheng ma bie jia qu xiong huang shu jiao tang is a modification of sheng ma bie jia tang.

Xiong huang (Realgar) is insoluble in water and for external use only; its main constituent is arsenic sulfide which is highly toxic when taken internally.

Shu jiao does not get used much. Hot, pungent warms and disperses cold.

Sheng ma is considered a shao yang ministerial fire herb. It clears damp and heat to free the circulation of the ministerial fire.

Bie jia is nourishing yin to anchor the abundant yang that has become reckless and left the vessels.