Qi shao gui zhi ku jiu tang

Qi shao gui zhi ku jiu tang

huang qi 15 shao yao 9 gui zhi 9 ku jiu (vineger) 20 ml

“Yellow sweat disease manifests with generalized swelling [another version reads heaviness], heat effusion, and sweating with thirst; this condition resembles wind water. Sweat soaks through the clothes with a full yellow color resembling huang bai juice, and the pulses are sunken. How does one develop this condition?” The master said: “When sweating, if one takes a bath, water enters through the pores; this is how one contracts this disease. qi shao gui jiu tang is indicated.”

A strong yang and yin tonifying formula to raise yang to the surface to push out the dampness that is causing the yellowing.

Huang qi, Astragali radix is sweet and warm tonifying and nourishing. Huang qi connects the tai yin with the tai yang. It raises clear qi to the chest and the 100 vessels.

Huang qi is warm and sweet, and tonifies and raises qi of tai yin, nourishes yin and blood, and generates fluids. It is the core taxation herb. It counters the collapse of yang and blood.

Huang qi raises the clear qi upwards while nourishing the ying qi nutritive qi needed. It is both yang tonifying and raising and yin nourishing.

Shan yao, Dioscoreae rhizome is sweet tonifying and nourishing of the spleen and kidneys. It restores control over Water. It restores the normal opening and closing functions of the kidneys and strongly tonifies middle burner qi.

Sweet neutral and strongly tonifies middle burner qi and it tonifies tai yin lung and spleen. It tonifies spleen and kidney qi to restore normal opening and closing functions of the kidney.

Is used classically in taxation cases with weakened water controlling abilities of the spleen and kidneys. 

Gui zhi, Cinnamomi cassiae ramulus is pungent sweet and warm dispersing of the imperial and ministerial fire. It warms and tonifies the shao yin and jue yin. In doing so it warms and tonifies the whole body.

Gui zhi is the main herb to restore the water metabolism of the tai yang fu organ. It warms the yang on the bladder channel and promotes the transformation of kidney qi as vapor from the stored fluids of the bladder.

Ku jiu, vinegar moves the blood and used together with gui zhi they warm yang qi at the surface to promote circulation to dispel dampness.