Ma zi ren wan

Ma zi ren wan

huo ma ren 12 da huang 12 hou po 9 xing ren 6 bai shao 6 zhi shi 6 plus honey

When the instep pulse is floating and rough, floating means strong qi in the stomach, and rough means urination is frequent. The floating and rough qualities in the pulse indicate contention and the stool is hard, which means the spleen is constrained therefore ma zi ren wan governs.

Contains xiao cheng qi tang, which is da huang, hou po and zhi shi. The dose of the hou po and zhi shi are now higher meaning there is more opening and pushing of yang ming. Hou ma ren and xing ren open the chest to allow for descent of yang ming Metal. It contains the formula zhi shi shao yao tang for internal qi stagnation and pain. Hou ma ren, bai shao and xing ren moisten the intestines to free the stool. Honey moderates the xiao cheng qi tang’s fierce nature and nourishes yin and lubricates the stool.

The yang ming conformation represents dryness and this long term dryness pattern causes constipation. The spleen constraint occurs after excessive damaging of fluids during a tai yang pattern or internal dryness pattern.

Arnaud Versluys writes; the outer crust of earth becomes dry as leather and fluids can no longer permeate. We see this often in taxation patterns where the loss of fluids, yin and blood cause dryness in yang ming.

Huo ma ren, Cannabis semen is pungent dispersing of the liver blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao. It is pungent dispersing of the stomach domain to clear cold and allow the descent of Metal. It is sweet nourishing of dryness in the stomach domain, liver blood and the ministerial fire.

Neutral and sweet and contains abundant oils that moisten and lubricate the intestines.

Generally it is considered a yin and blood nourishing seed that nourishes yin and blood to revive the pulse. It moistens Wood dryness and the jue yin layer.

Da huang, Rhei rhizoma is bitter draining of excess heat and dry stool in the stomach domain.

Hou po, Magnoliae cortex is bitter and aromatic. It is bitter descending of dampness in the stomach domain, chest and lungs. It is pungent dispersing of dampness.

Warm, bitter, and aromatic hou po opens the middle and promotes the downward qi flow of the yang ming and Metal mandate.

Xing ren, Armeniacae semen is bitter descending of Metal. Xing ren descends lung qi, which stands into the interior exterior relation to the large intestine, allowing for a heavy Metal downward pressure on the stomach and large intestine.

Bai shao, Paeoniae radix lactiflora is sour, bitter and cool. It is sour collecting of yin fluids and blood. It is bitter descending of heat. It nourishes dryness in yang ming and the jue yin. It descends Earth and Metal and calms Wood wind.

Bai shao also eliminates lower abdominal cramping by stilling internal wind.

It lubricates the intestines and descends its qi.

Zhi shi, Aurantii fructus immaturus is bitter draining and descending of the stomach domain. It is bitter draining of the liver, gall bladder and san jiao.

Zhi shi widens the middle, breaks stagnation and descends yang ming dryness.

Bai mi, Mel is sweet and moistens the intestines and lungs and tonifies earth. Nourishes and moderates drying bitter herbs used to descend yang ming.