Ma huang xing ren yi yi gan cao tang

Ma huang xing ren yi yi gan cao tang also known as Ma xing yi gan tang

ma huang 9  xing ren 9 yi yi ren 12 zhi gan cao 6

When the patient is suffering from full body pain, fever which is worse in the afternoon, then it is called wind dampness. This disease is damage by encountering wind when sweating, or due to long term damage from using cold. One can give ma huang xing ren yi yi gan cao tang.

This is a modification of ma huang tang. Gui zhi is replaced with yi yi ren. It treats damp heat bi syndrome that causes full body pain.

Yi yi ren, Coicis semen is sweet tonifying, moving and cooling of excess warm fluids in the stomach domain, spleen, kidneys, and bladder.

Transforms hot dampness and phlegm while promoting urination and dispelling pus.

It tonifies the spleen and drains dampness out through urination.

This formula is comparable to ma huang jia zhu tang. The difference being that yi yi ren is cold for warm dampness and bai zhu is warm for cold dampness.

For a full description see ma huang jia zhu tang.