Jiao jiang tang

Jiao jiang tang

ejiao 9 gan jiang 9

For women with collapse of menstruation, and un-resolving leakage of black blood jiao jiang tang governs.

This formula treats excessive menstrual bleeding due to cold.

Ejiao, Asini corii colla is sweet tonifying and nourishing of the stomach and spleen. It directly nourishes the liver, kidney and heart blood. It is salty softening of yin and blood. 

Nourishes heart and jue yin liver blood and tonifies yin, it moistens internal dryness and stops bleeding.

Gan jiang, Zingiberis rhizoma, dried is warm (or hot) pungent and astringent. Gan jiang is the main herb to warm the tai yin level and treat excessive dampness by introducing yang ming dryness in tai yin dampness.

Pao jiang, which is stir fried dried ginger is hot, bitter, pungent. It warms the center and lower jiaos and stops bleeding.