Introduction to the Shang Han Lun

The wisdom of the Shang Han Za Bing Lun is based on classical ideas found in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic. Zhang Ji uses the three yang and three yin levels described in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic and describes treatments for all diseases based on the key symptoms.

The Treatise on Cold Damage is full of descriptions of the primary symptoms of all diseases.

All herbs and herbal formulas are subject to the laws of different diagnostic models. These are the yin and yang, five elements, and the climatic qi models. These are based on the Classic text Yellow Emperor’s Classic or Huang Di Neijing, which form the backbone of Chinese Herbal Medicine thinking.  

Material covered in the course:

Ling Shu, Images, the use of images in Chinese Medicine.

Daoism, I Ching and Chinese Medicine all share the same root.

The birth of yin and yang

The birth of the eight trigrams and sixty four hexagrams

Taiji Supreme Ultimate

The gathering of qi, utmost yang and utmost yin, and directions.

The root of Chinese Medicine

Disease triggers and the appropriate qi.

Chapter seventy four Plain Questions, Nineteen lines of pathology

Cold Damage

Disease Bing

Five elements and directions of the compass

Taste in the mouth from the Decoction Classic

The three yang and three yin

Yang ming and Jue yin

Lung, Liver, and the Spleen help adaption to change

Opening, Closing, and Pivoting

Opening, Closing, and Pivoting in pathology

Tai yang pathology, Yang ming pathology, Shao yang pathology, Tai yin pathology, Shao yin pathology, Jue yin pathology

Sources and pivots

Six Climatic qi

Shang Han Lun disease outlines and timing lines

Disease Timing, Twelve Branches, Seasons, and Hexagrams

Chapter Thirty One Yellow Emperor’s Classic