Gui zhi jia gui tang

Gui zhi jia gui tang

gui zhi 15 bai shao 9 sheng jiang 9 da zao 9 zhi gan cao 6

When was promoted with a burning needle, and the needle location was invaded by cold, there will be a papule that will turn red, for then imperatively running piglet will arise, and qi will surge upward from the lower abdomen striking the heart, for then one should burn one moxa cone on each papule, and gui zhi jia gui tang can be given, which is an extra two lian of gui zhi.

Gui zhi jia gui tang is the representative formula for heart yang deficiency which has resulted in ben tun or running piglet. Ben tun is the result of heart yang deficiency where the heart is unable to warm the kidneys in the lower jiao and the resulting accumulation of water leads to an upsurge of water qi.

There are different ways of anchoring yang back down and adding more warm pungent herbs is one way. Removing the bai shao is another. Adding long gu and muli is also another.

See gui zhi tang for a full description.