Gua lou xie bai bai jiu tang

Gua lou xie bai bai jiu tang

gua lou shi 15 xie bai 24 bai jiu 30 ml rice wine

The disease of chest obstruction, with panting respiration cough and spit, pain in chest and back, shortness of breath, the cun pulse is deep and slow, and the guan is slightly tight and rapid, gua lou xie bai bai jiu tang governs.

Here the tight and rapid pulse means slippery. It opens the chest to drain cold dampness that is causing obstruction of movement.

Gua lou shi, Trichosanthis fructus is bitter draining of phelgm. It dispels phlegm and cools heat while it opens the chest and disperses accumulation. It clears heat and transforms phlegm by flushing it out via the large intestine.

Xie bai, Allii macrostemi bulbus is pungent dispersing of cold and dampness in the stomach domain and spleen. It is pungent dispersing of the liver blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao. It is bitter draining of dampness in the stomach domain and spleen.

Xie bai warms yang, moves qi, and controls pain in the stomach domain. The pungent xie bai penetrates the stagnant yin turbidity to promote movement.  

Bai jiu, rice wine pungent and warm ascending nature supports the clearing of phlegm and movement of qi.

Bai jiu assists xie bai in clearing phlegm from the chest, its ascending nature enhances the action and encourages the unhibited flow of qi.