Gua di san

Gua di san

gua di 3 chi xiao dou 3

When the disease is as a gui zhi pattern, without headache, and no rigidity of the neck, with a floating cun pulse, and a hard glomus in the chest, with qi surging upwards to the throat with inability to breath, then this is cold in the chest. For it should be emitted, and gua di san is appropriate.

When lodge food is in the upper gastric tract, it should be emitted, for which gua di san is appropriate. Gua di san formula is one part gua di. One part chi xiao dou and dou chi.

Gua di, Pedicellus Melo induces vomiting to relieve phlegm heat or retained food. Accumulation above the diaphragm when vomiting is the preferred treatment, including phlegm heat that is constrained in the chest with seizures, mania, throat Bi, wheezing, irritability and/or insomnia.

Chi xiao dou, Phaseoli semen is sweet tonifying of the stomach domain, spleen and kidneys. It promotes urination, reduces edema, clears damp heat, disperses blood stasis, reduces swelling and reduces fire toxicity.

I would expect a bitter taste because it drains fluids. It could be the astringent nature pulls fluids into the water expelling systems.