Gan jiang huang qin huang lian ren shen tang

Gan jiang huang qin huang lian ren shen tang

gan jiang 9 huang qin 9 huang lian 9 ren shen 9

In cold damage originally there was spontaneous cold diarrhea, yet the physician used vomiting and precipitation so there is repelling cold. After further adverse treatment through vomiting and precipitation, if there is immediate vomiting after food enters the mouth, gan jiang huang qin huang lian ren shen tang governs.

This is the core formula for harmonizing Wood, Earth and Metal. It treats a horizontal and vertical pattern.

It clears cold and damp heat in the shao yang and yang ming. It tonifies tai yin and yang ming. It is harmonizing because it clears damp heat and cold at the same time and tonifies the tai yin and yang ming to prevent recurrence.

Gan jiang, Zingiberis rhizoma, dried is warm (or hot) pungent and astringent. Gan jiang is the main herb to warm the tai yin level and treat excessive dampness by introducing yang ming dryness in tai yin dampness.

Gan jiang warms the cold and dries damp in the stomach domain.

Huang qin, Scutellaria radix is bitter draining and cooling of heat in the san jiao, stomach domain, lungs, liver, gall bladder, and bladder.

Cold and bitter it is the great cleaner. It clears heat and dampness, in all three burners, and in yang ming, tai yin, shao yang, and jue yin.

Huang lian, Coptidis rhizome is bitter draining of heat in the ministerial and imperial fire. It is bitter draining of heat in the heart and san jiao. It is bitter draining of heat and dampness in the stomach domain.

Huang lian is bitter and cold to clear yang ming heat, it clears excessive damp heat in the intestines, resolves toxins, and dries damp.

Ren shen, Ginseng radix is sweet tonifying and nourishing of the spleen, lungs, heart, and kidney. It nourishes yin fluids and therefore is the foremost qi and yin tonic.

The yin fluids from ren shen moderate excessive movement by anchoring yang with yin. It raises the original qi and gathering qi.

Ren shen tonifies but also moistens. The tonifying restores normal function while the moistening prevents escessive drying from gan jiang, huang qin and huang lian.