Fan shi tang and Fan shi wan

Fan shi tang

fan shi 6 is allum

Fan shi tang treats foot dropsy surging upwards to the heart.

Treats swelling of the legs and limbs, soak feet.

Fan shi wan

fan shi 9 xing ren 3

For woman with closure of menstrual flow and inhibition, with a continuous hard uterus, for inside there is dry blood, and there is descent of white product, for fan shi wan governs.

Fan shi, also known as Bai fan also known as Ming fan, Alumen, Potassium aluminium sulfate

Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing; Fan shi is of sour flavor and cold. It governs the treatment of chills and fever drainage diarrhea, white discharge and genital erosion, evil sores and eye pain, it firms bones and teeth.

Fan shi is sour and astringing of fluids. It is cold, astringent and sour. It stops diarrhea and vaginal bleeding if due to heat and deficiency.

Fan shi is know to drain dampness that causes a loss of function of the lower limbs and vaginal discharge.