Dang gui si ni tang

Dang gui si ni tang

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When there is reversal cold of the limbs and the pulse is fine and verging on expiry, dang gui si ni tang governs.

This formula is based on gui zhi tang. It nourishes blood more than gui zhi tang. It treats all three yin levels. It nourishes yin and blood while warming and moving the jue yin blood.

Dang gui, Angelicae sinensis radix is sweet tonifying and nourishing of liver blood and the ministerial fire. It is pungent dispersing of the liver blood and ministerial fire.

Dang gui is pungent, sweet, and warm, it disperses blood stagnation, it nourishes blood and warms the blood vessels for the promotion of normal blood flow. It fills the vessels and frees blood circulation.

Gui zhi, Cinnamomi cassiae ramulus is pungent sweet and warm dispersing of the imperial and ministerial fire. It warms and tonifies the shao yin and jue yin. In doing so it warms and tonifies the whole body.

Gui zhi puts the emperor back on the throne. It warms and moves the blood which supports the heart yang and the ministerial fire. The ministerial fire supports all function in the three burners.

Bai shao, Paeoniae radix lactiflora is sour, bitter and cool. It is sour collecting of yin fluids and blood. It is bitter descending of heat. It nourishes dryness in yang ming and the jue yin. It descends Earth and Metal and calms Wood wind

Bai shao prevents excessive moving of the blood while warming.

Da zao, Jujubae fructus is sweet tonifying and moderating. It tonifies and nourishes the stomach domain, spleen, lungs, and heart. It directly nourishes the shao yin heart.

Da zao adds material to the tai yin middle to generate heart blood which is why the dose is high.

Xi xin, Asari herba is pungent dispersing of the liver blood and the ministerial fire. It is pungent dispersing of the heart, kidneys and lungs. It is pungent dispersing of the tai yang channel.

Xi xin replaces the sheng jiang. It has a stronger effect in dispersing and warming. It disperses cold on the surface and frees wei qi by opening the channels.

Tong cao, Tetrapanacis medulla It is pungent and neutral nourishing and moving of Water to give birth to Wood.