Da xian xiong tang

Da xian xiong tang also known as da huang mang xiao gan sui tang

da huang 18 mang xiao 24 gan sui 1.5

When the disease occurs at yang, but is adversely purged, the heat enters and causes chest bind, for in chest bind, there also is neck rigidity, like a soft convulsion, for when purged it will be peaceful and da xian xiong wan governs.

When in cold damage that has lasted for six or seven days, there is chest bind heat repletion, in which the pulse in sunken and tight and there is pain below the heart, which is stone-hard when pressure is applied, da xian xiong tang governs.

It harshly attacks water rheum, discharges heat and break binds. It treats an accumulation of water and heat in the chest and abdomen causing qi obstruction which leads to edema, and intestinal obstruction or masses.

Da huang and mang xiao are the core pair to descend Metal. They form a fierce team to purge yang ming fu organ fullness due to excessive heat and internal dryness.

Da huang, Rhei rhizoma is bitter draining of excess heat and dry stool in the stomach domain.

Mang xiao, Natrii sulfas is salty softening of hardness in the stomach domain. Mang xiao is bitter draining of stool and heat in the stomach domain.

Gan sui, Euphorbiae kansui radix is cold, bitter, sweet, and toxic. It drains water downward and eliminates congested fluids and thin mucus.