Chai hu jia mang xiao tang

Chai hu jia mang xiao tang

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Here in cold damage the disease has not resolved in thirteen days, and there is fullness in the chest and rib side, retching, late afternoon tidal heat effusion, and shortly afterward mild diarrhea. This was originally a chai hu tang pattern in which precipitation should not cause diarrhea, yet now there is diarrhea, so one knows that a pill medicine was used to precipitate, and this is not the appropriate treatment. Tidal heat effusion means repletion. It is appropriate to first take xiao chai hu tang in order to resolve the external aspect. Afterwards chai hu jia mang xiao tang governs.

Treats a shao yang pattern with extreme dryness in the dry Metal of the west causing constipation and tidal heat effusion. It is an obvious version of xiao chai hu tang.

Mang xiao, Natrii sulfas is salty softening of hardness in the stomach domain. Mang xiao is bitter draining of stool and heat in the stomach domain.

Mang xiao is salty and cold and clears heat and purges excess while moistening dryness and softening hardness.