Bie jia jian wan

Bie jia jian wan

bie jia 24 chi xiao 24 chai hu 12 bai shao 9 mu dan pi 9 feng fang 9 huang qin 6 gui zhi 6 shu fu 6 wu shan 6 hou po 6 gan jiang 6 da huang 6 shi wei 6 qu mai 3 ban xia 3ren shen 3 ejiao 3 tao ren 3 di bie chong 3 qiang lang 3 ting li zi 1 (zi wei 6)*

It is not clear what herb zi wei is. Wilms calls it Campsis Flos. Other sources do not mention it.

In malaria disease, if it occurs one day per month, then it can be cured in fifteen days. In case it is not cured, then it will be resolved by the end of the month. The master says, this congestion is a tumor, and is called the mother of malaria, which should be treated urgently, and for which bie jia jian wan is indicated.

Treats hard tumors, this is a warming and melting formula. The Mother of malaria, means if shao yang symptoms do not go away thru treatment, it must be a mass/tumor.

This formula treats hard tumors by the actions of warming and softening.

Fu zi, gui zhi, gan jiang, ren shen, are the qi and yang supporters. Bai shao and mu dan pi nourish and cool the jue yin.

Bie jia, Trionycis carapax is salty softening of hardness of fluids that nourish and cool the ministerial and imperial fire. It nourishes yin and clears heat from the yin layer while softening hardness. It nourishes Water to control Fire while softening yin hardness to restore the free circulation on the imperial fire.

Chi xiao is red niter or potassium nitrate, don’t use. Replace with mang xiao.

Mang xiao, Natrii sulfas is salty softening of hardness in the stomach domain. Mang xiao is bitter draining of stool and heat in the stomach domain.

Shi wei, Pyrrosiae folium is is bitter draining the kidneys and bladder. It is sweet tonifying of the kidney and bladder to move fluids.

Di bie chong, Eupolyphaga is salty softening of hard dried blood which allows blood to return. It is the core insect to clear intense old blood stasis of the liver channel.

Qiang lang, Catharsius is salty softening of hardness of fluids that nourish and cool the ministerial and imperial fire.

Ting li zi, Lepidii/Descurainiae semen is pungent dispersing of dampness in the lungs and bladder. It is bitter draining of fluids in the lungs and bladder.