Bai tou weng tang

Bai tou weng tang

bai tou weng 6 huang bai 9 huang lian 9 qin pi 9

When there is heat diarrhea with rectal heaviness, bai tou weng tang governs.

When there is diarrhea with a desire to drink water, this means there is heat, bai tou weng tang governs.

Treats heat dysentery with abdominal pain, rectal cramping with a burning sensation of the anus. There is also blood and pus in the stool but with more bleeding than pus. If there is more pus add ejiao and gan cao to make bai tou weng ejiao gan cao tang.

This pattern started as damp heat affecting the intestines. The damp caused congestion and when the heat from the ministerial fire accumulates this causes dysentery. Before the damp and heat drops to the lower abdomen this is treated with the formula ge gen huang qin huang lian tang.

When the pattern intensifies the san jiao damp heat stuck in the yang ming bowels starts to damage the collaterals of the jue yin blood storage, this stirs the nutritive and blood and causes bleeding.

Bai tou weng, Pulsatilla radix is cold and bitter, it drains dampness and cools heat. It clears toxic damp heat in the intestines and cools blood to arrest dysentery with bleeding and pus.

It enters the yang ming, jue yin and shao yang and is therefore used when there is heat affecting the jue yin blood. Bai tou weng cools and clears heat and damp heat to preserve yin and blood.

Huang bai, Phellodendri cortex is bitter draining and cooling of heat and dampness in the kidneys, bladder, small and large intestine. It cools heat in the ministerial fire of the san jiao.

Huang lian, Coptidis rhizome is bitter draining of heat in the ministerial and imperial fire. It is bitter draining of heat in the heart and san jiao. It is bitter draining of heat and dampness in the stomach domain.

Qin pi, Fraxini cortex is bitter draining of excess warm fluids in the stomach domain and bladder. It is astringing of fluids in the stomach domain. It clears heat, resolves toxins and stops dysentery.